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The Bear Story

In 1977 John Milius developed the Bear surfboard brand for the movie Big Wednesday, one of the all time cinematic classics, focusing on the Malibu surf scene of the 60’s and early 70’s, a time when “boards were made of wood and men were made of iron”(John Milius).

The first Bear surfboards were made by legendary Kauai shaper Billy Hamilton. In 1980 another legend joined the team when Randy Rarrick from Oahu’s North Shore began shaping Bear Boards. The quality of Randy and Billy’s boards quickly earned Bear a reputation for excellence.

That reputation continues today, with Bear boards shaped by some of the finest craftsmen in the surfing world.

Mickey T has been the exclusive Bear agent in New Zealand since 1992, meticulously hand shaping and glassing each board to meet the exacting standards of one of the world’s most recognizable longboard brands.  We can custom shape a Bear board to your specifications, or we offer the range of stock models listed below.