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Custom Shapes

Custom Shapes 

Custom shapes are the core of our business, and we can shape a board to whatever dimensions you want. The two way interaction between a surfer and a shaper has been at the heart of   surfing since the sport began. It involves honesty on the part of the client; and intuition, experience, wisdom and integrity on the part of the shaper. Done well, it results in a board that’s perfectly suited to the individuals needs.

The Process

Generally we like to have either a face to face meeting or a telephone conversation, but if that’s not possible, all requirements can be filled in on the order form (downloadable pdf) attached. These can be emailed to us in the office (see contact details).

Try Before You Buy 

We have a range of the production models available to rent/test drive, as a stepping stone to finding what will work best for you (highly recommended…Raglan shop only). Rental rates are waived if you end up ordering a new board. For clients not living in Raglan who wish to use these services before ordering we can assist with directions and accommodation requirements.


Payment terms are $300 deposit upon ordering, with balance on completion, either by credit card or eftpos in the store (no phone transactions sorry), direct credit to our bank account (details upon enquiry), or cash.


We can have your board delivered to your door anywhere in New Zealand by courier.

Quality Promise 

Surfboards are fragile items and no manufacturer can guarantee they won’t ding or snap in the wrong conditions, however customer satisfaction and our good reputation are central to our business success. We absolutely stand by the quality of materials and workmanship used in manufacturing all Raglan Longboards, and promise to promptly address any issues that may arise.


We offer a full repair service. Price upon inspection.

Custom Pricing 

Costs of boards are dependent on length, fin set up, colour and finish, excluding fins. View our price list here.