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Flashback Single

We gave our new Flashback singlefin to Sam Cox to ride for a few weeks, this is his report card…

An honest shape which, in an age of more-is-more, is a soulful reminder of the purity of our shared pursuit.

The Flashback demands a connected approach to riding a wave, and it’s there where the real joy of this board lie – in it’s ability to expand out appreciation for riding waves.

More than a hazy nostalgic novelty – this is a deliberate pairing back of the extraneous by by a shaper more than qualified in delivering fine tuned function.

Whether it’s zapping through tight arcs on the beachies or finding lines to project through point sections – this is a timeless craft, ready to bring new dimension to your surfing.

Custom orders sized to suit the individual.


  • Hand shaped PU blank.
  • Glassed to lasttm with 5oz bottom and 5+5oz deck with tail patch
  • Resin colours, sprays and fabric inlays available
  • Single fin box
  • A variety of finishes available to suit every price range



Typically 5’8″ x 20″ x 2 ½”