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*Kunekune (n. Ku-ni Ku-ni). A domestic pig found in New Zealand known for its friendliness and intelligence.

A refined, modern version of the classic ‘Pig’ outline of yesteryear. Updated rails and bottom contours make it possible to slide, glide and noseride with confidence.


  • Hand shaped PU blank.
  • Glassed to lasttm with 7.5oz bottom and 7.5+6oz deck
  • ‘Lightweight’ also available with deck patch
  • Opaques, translucent resin colours and fabric inlays available
  • Single fin box
  • Full Gloss and Polish recommended


Typically 9’4″ x 22 ⅝” x 2 ¾ ” – 9’6″ x 23″ x 3 ⅛”


We install a single fin box and provide a range of fin shapes from both FCS and True Ames to choose from. Glass on fins are also available.