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Repairs & Restorations


We repair anything on either a long or a shortboard, from the tiniest ding, to a full snap. Standard polyester, no epoxy.

We understand that some surfers just want to get back in the water as cheaply as possible and that at the other end of the spectrum a brand new board needs to be returned to showroom standard.

All work is priced upon inspection so we can discuss what level of service you require when you drop your board off in the shop.

It’s always better to give us a dry, wax free board.


The proper restoration of a classic era beauty for a wall hanging takes a bit more time and effort to return it to showroom condition, like it deserves. Luckily our sander/polisher is a bit of a perfectionist and loves the old boards! Check below for some examples of his work.

Atlas Woods 9’10” c. 1966-’67

Dunlop 9’8″ c. 1960s