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Glassing & Finishing

All standard showroom boards are hand shaped from polyurethane blanks and Glassed to Last™, using six ounce cloth and polyester resin, glossed and polished. This is the way boards used to be made. 

Many of the boards built in the sixties and seventies with this kind of construction are still around today; while most of the eighties and nineties spray finished, over sanded wafers went into landfill long ago. There is a reason for that. 

A gloss coated surfboard weighs a little more but it will be around for a hell of a lot longer.  Obviously there is a trade-off between weight/strength and performance. You have to think hard about how you surf and what that extra few ounces of weight from thicker cloth and a gloss coat means to you. We believe building long life into our products is an imperative at a time when people are looking much more closely at what they buy, and the environmental impact and overall cost and lifespan of those items. Of course we can build wafers too.

Most of our team riders go for the lightest combination of cloth and resin possible, as performance is their top priority, and longevity comes a distant second. Only you can decide what’s right for your needs.