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We try to keep a range of our boards on the demo rack, the following list gives an example of the most popular models.
SurfboardsHalf dayFull day
Longboard (HP 9’1”)$45$65
Longboard (The One 9’2”)$45$65
Toi Toi 7’2”$45$65
Maxi Fish 7’6”$45$65
Mini Mal 7’6”$45$65
Retro Quad Fish 5’8″$45$65
Shortboard 6’4″$45$65
Mini Longboard 6’6″$45$65
Flashback Single 5’10”$45$65
Full Lotus 5’4″$45$65
Softtop Boards 7’6″, 8’0″, 9’0″$35$55
Bodyboard with fins$20$25
With surfboard or bodyboard$15$20
Wetsuit only$20$25
Longer term rentals of any items by arrangement, just give us a call.