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Carving Knife

Just as Crocodile Dundee said….. “This is a Knife!”

There comes a time in the surfing life, when you need to choose an age-appropriate weapon to defend yourself. Arming yourself with a longboard is great in small waves, but a real liability in serious surf. If you are not planning to do aerials, bunny-hops and pop-shove-its etc, or not worried about impressing 18 year olds, you really don’t need to sit so low in the water (and miss so many waves!).

I just re-discovered my Carving Knife model in some bigger swells recently.

7’10” x 21 ½” x 2 7/8”, 50L of paddling majesty buys a lot of time on the take off. And once you are in nice and early, wave claimed and set up for the ride, the big rounded pin tail really comes alive from head high and up. You can be carving great big slices out of meaty waves, laughing all the way as you dissect that crowd……… or you can sit nipple-deep, forlornly wondering why your little butter knife isn’t doing it for you, as the young man on the internet said it would.

Hand shaped PU blank.
 Glassed to Last™  with 6oz bottom and double 6oz deck.
Resin colours and traditional Gloss and Polish finish recommended.
Genuine FCSⅡ Thruster. Also Future fins are available for custom.

Typically 7’10” x 21 ½” x 2 7/8”

FCS or Future Thruster