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This beauty is something for the logger/traditionalist and for collectors of timeless and functional surf art. It’s got that classic 60’s style with a rolled vee bottom, 50/50 rails, a single fin and a deep tear-drop concave for effortless noseriding. Naturally it’s Glassed to Last™ and colored with traditional resin tints and opaques of your choice. We call it the Stylemaster as the guys who tend to ride these shapes care more about style than whacking the lip. They always look too good to put wax on!


  • Hand shaped PU blank
  • Glassed to lasttm with 7.5oz bottom and 7.5+6oz deck
  • Opaques, translucent resin colours and fabric inlays available
  • Single fin box
  • Full Gloss and Polish recommended


Typically 9’4″ – 9’6″ x 23″ – 23 ¾” x 3″ – 3 ⅜”


We install a single fin box and provide a range of fin shapes from both FCS and True Ames to choose from. Handmade, in house, glass on fins are also available.