The Elimin8r

The Violator

I made this model one day when I was feeling the heat on the competition circuit. I was riding lean light boards at the time, and guys with the bigger volume boards were bullying me around. So I went looking for a solution and after a few beers with the boys in the factory devised The Violator. This dastardly piece of work is now my weapon of choice for sweet revenge on the days when the pirates are dominating the line-up. It’s a full volume, swallow tailed paddling machine, with a surprising amount of performance off the tail; and it was no coincidence that the year I made it I won both the over 40’s and over 50’s divisions on the national longboard circuit. The lesson to be learnt here is quite simple; don’t turn up to a gunfight with a knife!

Specs: Typically 9’1” x 23” x 3”           

Fins:  2+1 Fin box with FCS side fins